Tourist attractions in Perth

If this time you are confused as to visit which destination in Australia, here is the solution to your uncertain state. Choose Perth! Believe me; tourist attractions in Perth include a unique mix of nature, adventure, architecture, and culture; which outweigh the sunny heat and augment your fun and thrill of the expected Australian holiday. On my trip to this great Australian region, I was really amazed to see especially the natural highlights and some of the structural attractions, which I am about to share with you.

Among all the tourist attractions in Perth, I first visited the famous Perth Mint that is the nation’s most ancient mint still functioning well. This 111-year-old mint was formerly used to form gold heads for the British Kingdom, but today, it makes costly metal coins for the coin investors as well as collectors known worldwide. On your tour to this legendary sight, you have the opportunity to marvel at the largest set of natural gold nuggets in the natural including the Golden Beauty one, valuable coins, and gold bar produced from the molten gold in the earliest melt house. So, be a part of the guided history tour via which you can make your own gold or silver medallion. Located on the Hay Street, there is also the Perth Mint shop.


Nestled at the corner of the Elder and Malcolm Streets is the Barracks Arch of 1863. Holding 2 wings of 120 rooms, it was the doorway leading one to the Enrolled Pensioner Guards Barracks where the guards stayed with their families for safeguarding the locals from the convicts. Today, only this freely standing arch is seen.

Want some recreation? Then, head to the Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, one of the most loved tourist attractions in Perth at Fraser Avenue. Holding an expanse of gardens as well as parklands, the park is the favorite of many visitors and locals. Perched on Mt Eliza, the attraction also gives you a chance of enjoying the breathtaking scenery of not only the city, but also of the Swan River. A big stretch of this sight is fully adorned with native bushland, a myriad of indigenous plant species, and some 80 bird species. The entire park offers a myriad of lookout points, open parkland areas, and State War Memorial as well as statues. Further, it is just ideal for picnic, sightseeing, cycling, and walking. If it is summer, you also get a chance to attend outdoor concerts, wildflower festival in spring, and moonlight cinema.

If you are in the city centre, just travel for 5 minutes and reach the Perth Zoo whose main feature is to closely meet the animals in their natural habitats. Besides greeting a plethora of animals, you can also explore the landscapes of the Asian rainforest and the African Savanna and also explore the special zones such as the World of Birds and the Nocturnal House. Stay here from 9 am to 5 pm and pick up some more activities such as cooking a barbeque meal and a meal at zoo cafe. If it is summer, you become a lucky one to attend an evening concert.

Take yourself to the Burswood Park that is totally picturesque! Well known for its recreational activities, this natural and cool highlight of Perth is admired for cycling, jogging, barbeques, and picnics. Other offers of the park are the barbecue facilities, Swan Fountain, heritage trail revealing the bronze carvings, and the Swan Shell. Nestled at the Resort Drive of Burswood, the park is best explored with a free guided tour that starts every day at 11.30 am.

Perth Salmon Bay
Perth Salmon Bay

Perth Bell Tower or the Swan Bell Tower was my next highlight, which is only 100 years old. Holding a spire of green glass flanked with copper sails, the tower is the historic landmark featuring 18 bells making it the greatest ringing structure on the planet. To see this, head to the Barrack Square.

Want to meet London in Perth? Take a tour of the London Court! Being a part of the contemporary skyscrapers, it is a pedestrian street that is in the middle of the St. Georges Terrace and Hay Street Mall. It is named so as it gives a feel of the English edifices of the Tudor style. The street is dotted with small cafes as well as shops for creating a pleasant atmosphere. Besides this, it is the lane of structural highlights too. Check out for the two clocks each at the lane’s end, four knights entrance of the clock at the Hay Street upon striking after 15 minutes, St George fighting with a dragon over the clock, statues of Dick Whittington and Sir Walter Raleigh, moldings, and stairways to windows dominating the court.