Shopping In Dubai

Shopping In Dubai

When it comes to shopping, Dubai has now cemented its reputation as the placed to shop within the Middle East, and is beginning to challenge some of the cities long regarded as being the worlds best shopping destinations. With new shopping areas appearing all the time, and most of them going on huge, Dubai shoppers really have a multitude of options. For short or mid-term staying, there are many rental properties in Dubai, at you can choose among the best apartment or villas for rent in Dubai.

Yet size isn’t the only thing malls are now using to stand out from the crowds. Many malls are based around themes, such as the pyramid shaped buildings of the Wafi City Mall, or as is the case with the Ibn Battuta Mall, numerous different areas throughout the mall, all based on different countries.

And it gets better. Dubai shopping also happens to be duty free as well. Therefore shopping in Dubai really does offer you more for your money along with proving an impressive range of shopping options to cater to every customers needs. In Dubai it is possible to purchase jewellery and gold, and even fashion and electronic goods at lower prices than most other destinations around the world. And that’s just the normal prices. And things get even better come the annual Dubai shopping festival. At over a month long, this shopping festival can see discounts of up to 75% all throughout Dubai, and with a reported 3 million people coming to take advantage of the discounts; it certainly is a bit hit with shoppers.

When it comes to big designer names, Dubai shoppers really are spoilt for choice, with numerous boutiques and international brands found throughout Dubai’s many malls. And with other entertainment options, such as games arcades, amusement centers and cinemas, plus large food courts, and even skiing at the Mall of Emirates, Dubai’s malls go beyond just shopping.

However Dubai’s shopping doesn’t end at its shopping malls. There are a large number of souk markets, which offer a slightly more traditional Arabian shopping experience. The souks present a very different proposition to your modern shopping mall, offering a novel experience and atmosphere that just can not be replicated in any modern shopping mall. And with haggling a must, you can get yourself a barging whilst having a little fun at the same time.

One of the most popular and famous souks in Dubai is the Gold Souk. Featuring a huge array of gold produce including necklaces, pendants and earrings, both modern and traditional styles. And with Dubai’s gold prices being among some of the lowest in the world, coupled with the vibrant atmosphere, the Gold Souk is certainly worth a trip. And located next to the Gold Souk is the Dubai Spice Souk. With goods coming from all over the Middle East, you can expect to find all sorts of seasonings and spice plus a wide selection of fruits and nuts. With friendly people and an assortment of sights and smells, the Spice Souk offers visitors a very Arabic experience.

Whilst most shopping malls will open at 10am and close at 10pm, and 4pm to 11pm on Friday, the shops in the souks will in cost cases remain shut for lunch. Therefore expect the Souks to be shut from 1pm to 4pm everyday, and for them to open on Friday from 4pm onwards.