Is Venice a Safe Place to Visit?

Venice is truly a treasure trove. Thinking about the great views that this city offers, you should definitely choose it as your holiday destination. Most tourists though are worried about the safety that this place provides.

Below you can find all the details you need in order to feel completely safe during your trip to Venice.


Given the fact that you won’t find buses or cars on the streets, Venice is a kid-friendly environment. People usually travel by boats on the canals that link all the 117 Venetian islands.
San Marco Square


Feeding the birds in Venice is forbidden by law and it’s not in vain! Pigeons are known to carry dangerous viruses similar to influenza and pneumonia.

I’m not saying that you should change your plans and go to another city for your vacation. These birds can be found anywhere in the world and won’t harm you in any way if you don’t get too close to them.


Like any other city in this world, Venice has some pickpockets who will try to steal your money. Even if you’re taking dinner or you’re just walking on the amazing streets, keep your eyes open and your wallet close to you.

I fully recommend you to never put your money in your back pocket, because you’ll risk to never see it again. The best option is to keep your wallet in your jacket pocket, even if won’t feel as comfortable as you would like.


Venice has its ups and downs but in the end, it’s one of the safest places in the world. Even if you’re taking a walk during midnight you won’t get robbed by thieves and the environment is pretty quiet in any part of the day.

Moreover, to ensure the visitors safety, Venice has plenty laws. Tourists aren’t allowed to feed the birds or travel by bicycle in the city and if they don’t comply, exorbitant fines are given by authorities. The fact that the police officers take their job so seriously is another thing that should make you feel safe during your trip!

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