Enjoy your vacation at Dominican Republic Beaches

Come to the land of Dominican Republic and enjoy the pristine surroundings of this beautiful place in the Caribbean. Enjoy the Caribbean jewels called beaches here and see them shine in the sun in all these beautiful islands. The Dominican Republic has at least 800 miles of beautiful coastline and it has some of the best looking sands in this part of the world. With the best facilities for all the beach lovers, this one paradise is the best vacation spot for many.

With the lovely pure white sands and the beauty of the crystal clear waters of the ocean, the tourist would have no reason to actually not like the place .The greatest place for surfing; this is the land of tranquility and serenity. With the sun falling on you and a great variety of water sports available the tourism industry is certainly possessing a jewel in these sands of the Dominican Republic.

Come to the Dominican Republic Beaches and get enthralled by the sheer beauty.

Dominican Republic Beaches

See the town of Puerto Plata and see why this is the island’s most favoured beach resort. Visitors come to this pristine locale just to see the beautiful Dominican Republic Beaches and the aquamarine coloured waters. The place is ideal for snorkeling and the entire region has the best accommodation facilities too. This is the ideal zone for relaxation and the quiet would certainly give you the best of everything.

Then go the fishing villages in the island of Sosua. This is where the beaches are and you would certainly get amazed at the way the beaches lend beauty to the eye. The locals believe that the Sosua beaches are the best in Dominican Republic.

Sosua beach

Then go windsurfing in the Cabarete zone. These beaches with their firm winds give the best locale for windsurfing. It is very near the Puerto Plata and is a great place to go. Most of the tourists do not have any problem getting there. Do visit the annual windsurfing competition that is held here and see it with a lot of gusto. You would find some of the best waves and winds here.

Windsurfing in Dominican Republic Beaches

Another great area is the Samana. This beach is the best in this part. It is on the Samana Peninsula and the tourists love to come here to enjoy the weather. The snow white coloured sands and the contrasting blue coloured waters make this a postcard item. There are many villages here which are found on the shores and this again is very near the Puerto Plata. There are boating facilities here which give a lot of adventure to the tourists. Yachts from across the world come here in the months of December etc and the experience is exotic. There is a colorful exhibition of the different coloured yachts at this time. It is important you have a lifeguard ere so who would be needed if the water gets dangerous.

The next among the Dominican Republic Beaches is the Punta Cana where you would have the best beaches in this island. There is a lot of scenery and activities here for he tourists. The sea overlooks the place and you can just allow the ambience to seep into you.