Brussels from A to Z (complete guide)

Brussels has a lot going for it, as the unique mix of old-fashioned architecture, rich history, fantastic cuisine, remarkable museums and nightlife opportunities is guaranteed to attract tourists of all ages and interests. Before looking at the most important experiences to look for in this place, let’s address a question that we often see from those planning to visit it.


What is the best way of reaching my place of accommodation once I reach the airport?

Brussels has excellent public transportation for you to use during your stay, but there are definitely better options after just arriving in the city. Chances are you will be tired, and the luggage will not be helping either. Finding the right routes towards your hotel and then carrying everything with you in narrow places will not be a pleasant experience in this situation.

The best option here is to use a Brussels airport taxi instead. You will have a vehicle waiting for you right as you land and then everything will be taken care of for you, letting you relax on your way to the hotel. The combination of speed and comfort found here is simply unmatched, and it comes with surprisingly affordable prices as well. Once you are settled and ready to explore the city, here are the opportunities you should not miss for a complete experience.

  1. Indulge in the world-famous Belgian chocolate

There are not many parts of the world where chocolate is such an important part of everyday life. Brussels is packed with outstanding chocolate shops, one better than the other, providing a tasty and memorable experience that cannot be matched. Whether you try some of the most remarkable varieties of pralines or enjoy a hot chocolate in one of the numerous excellent cafés found in the place, this aspect remains a quintessential part of the Belgian experience.

Belgian chocolate

  1. Visit the Museum of the City of Brussels

Brussels has a fascinating history and missing out on that aspect will certainly detract from your experience. A Neo-Gothic architectural masterpiece serves to host an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, photos and models depicting the history of the town, serving to enrich your knowledge of an incredible place. The building is situated in the Grand Place square, which is the most important tourist area in the city, as it gives access to several notable landmarks.

Museum of the City of Brussels

  1. Visit the Manneken Pis

The most famous statue in Brussels, that of a small boy urinating, is one of the most popular tourist attractions and a perfect example of the Belgians’ deadpan sense of humor.

The boy wears hundreds of outfits throughout the year, and the numerous legends formed around it are guaranteed to give you a chuckle when you first hear them.

Manneken Pis

  1. Go on top of Porte de Hal

No visit to Brussels is complete before you see it from a high point. The historical wall not only has a captivating history that you can explore on the inside, but it also offers an incredible view of  the whole city.

Porte de Hal

  1. Taste the excellent Belgian beer

Belgian beer is appreciated all over the world, and there is no better place to see why than Brussels. With breweries of all sizes open to visitors, a rich bar scene and numerous dedicated festivals, it becomes an essential part of any visit.

Belgian beer