Things to do in Rome: Shopping in Rome

Things to do in Rome: Shopping in Rome

In the Eternal City you can almost literally shop till you drop. More and more shops are now open all day from 9.30am to 8.30pm. Many also open on Sunday too.

Souvenirs; pasta in every shape and size; greenest extra virgin olive oil; funghi porcini (dried mushrooms); truffle oil and spices all make durable food buys. Hand-made ceramics, kitchen gadgets, espresso coffee pots and individually designed cups, kettles, salt and pepper grinders – especially those with the Alessi mark – are all Italian style at their best. Around the tourist honeypots are plenty of souvenirs from figures of thonged Roman centurions and gladiators to models of the Colosseo and the Trevi Fountain.


Credit cards; Although Italy is traditionally known as a cash society, credit cards are widely accepted in Rome, with the main exceptions of small grocery shops and delicatessens. After shopping you should visit the top sightseeing attractions in Rome, Easy Vacation Planning listed the best Rome attractions for short time visitors.

Tridente and Via del Corso; The area around Piazza di Spagna (known as the Tridenty after the trio of roads built off piaaza del Popolo) is the smartest and most expensive shopping area in Rome, while Via del Corso sells cheaper versions of the latest styles.