The A-Z and The Unspoken Rule of Airport Taxi Services in Hong Kong

The A-Z and The Unspoken Rule of Airport Taxi Services in Hong Kong

Taxi services worldwide have been considered to be one of the fastest /stress-free means of transportation in metropolitan cities. Hong Kong being the 7th largest trading zone in exports and imports, has a high influx of tourists annually, hence, the need for transport services.

Hong Kong airport transfers are available at the airport to convey visitors and tourists to their various destinations. These services are booked before their arrival, boasting of trained drivers who are fluent in the English Language, unlike most of the other taxis driven by locals. Sedans, Minivans, and Taxis amongst other fleets are the vehicles available for rental.

Hong Kong airport taxi

Asides the Hong Kong airport transfers, there are other vehicles available for easy navigation around the city, the most popular being the taxi; specific hidden rules that will aid in getting the most of your taxi experience are exposed below:

  1. Taxis are color coordinated: Taxis in Hong Kong are differentiated into three primary colors based on their geographical distribution; Red taxis operate mostly around Hong Kong, excluding the Tung Chung Road and the whole south region of Lantau Island, Green taxis operating only around the New Territories, Blue taxis only plying the Lantau Island. Despite the color differences, all taxis can operate to and from the Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland.
  1. Special needs taxi services: There are special taxi services available for people with disabilities, the elderly, and passengers with large luggage. These packages are available if requested for. The Diamond Cab service accommodates two wheelchair users and two caregivers maximum in a single trip or five passengers without wheelchairs if requested while SynCab service accommodates one wheelchair user and two caregivers maximum on a single journey or four passengers without wheelchairs.
  1. Taxi queues are paramount: Queuing for taxis in Hong Kong is an unspoken rule that is obeyed without hassle. These queues are formed on the curb but could be bypassed by the elderly or disabled persons.
  1. Taxi lights are indicators: The taxis in Hong Kong have lights on top, which could be lit on occasions but don’t mean the taxi is free. A taxi is only free when the light on top is on as well as a small light on the dashboard that says “for hire”. Some drivers may place cardboard signs over the light to show that they are unavailable at the moment either because they have already been booked, or it is almost 4:00 am or 4:00 pm which is the time for a change of shift.

Hong Kong skyscrapers

  1. Building names are relevant: The English Language amongst the locals is not so encouraging, hence, giving directions to a taxi driver or descriptions are done better when the names of buildings are mentioned instead of the street name. The building names are also better recognized when abbreviated. A written down address may also come in handy even though written in the English Language, but in extreme cases, a radio device would be provided for the passenger to say the address which will later be translated to the driver.