Brussels from A to Z (complete guide)

Brussels has a lot going for it, as the unique mix of old-fashioned architecture, rich history, fantastic cuisine, remarkable museums and nightlife opportunities is guaranteed to attract tourists of all ages and interests. Before looking at the most important experiences to look for in this place, let’s address a question that we often see from those planning to visit it. Continue reading “Brussels from A to Z (complete guide)” »

Best Beaches in Hong Kong

Most people are not very familiar with Hong Kong’s beaches. Most people do not know of the huge number of beaches of the territory, with more than two hundred islands, is blessed with. Make sure that you remember to apply sun screen lotion, that too of great amount of PF factor, before heading to the of beaches hot  Hong Kong city. Also, no beach in Hong Kong allows nudism, so make sure that you do not get caught by the long arm of the law if you peel your clothes off. Continue reading “Best Beaches in Hong Kong” »

See Rome, Italy on a Budget

Visiting Rome, Italy on a budget is a very doable task. More than anything, planning ahead is crucial to the price of one’s air ticket, accommodations and the availability of tourist sites. There are a few tips to follow to see Rome on a budget. By planning travel a certain time of year, looking at alternate accommodations, and considering the types of ground tours and meals involved, one can see Rome on a budget without breaking the bank. Continue reading “See Rome, Italy on a Budget” »

Blissful Vacation and Adventure at Kumar Resort Lonavala

This picturesque hill station of Lonavala, in the Pune district, is one of the popular tourist destinations in this part of the country. Famous as its twin hill town, Khandala, this place receives hordes of visitors across the year. The best time to come here is in the monsoon season, when it is literally covered by lush greenery. Continue reading “Blissful Vacation and Adventure at Kumar Resort Lonavala” »

Luxury Caribbean cruises for a lifetime experience

Luxury Caribbean cruises are meant for fulfilling the dream of a fantastic holiday amidst the water, sand, and sun. Okay but also know the fact that such an itinerary might not be the boarding point for everyone as it is the cup of those who wish to be served as kings and that they also have that heavy balance to do so. So, if you are one of them who wish a royal treatment on one of the nature’s most elegant destinations, then get soaked truly; as it is just worthy! Any of the luxury Caribbean cruises will take away from you a sum falling between $400 to $900 and that too per day. Continue reading “Luxury Caribbean cruises for a lifetime experience” »