Over Hill and Dale With the Bike Through Luxembourg

Over Hill and Dale With the Bike Through Luxembourg

Hilly terrain, vast woodlands, enchanted industrial wasteland- with this amount of scenic variety even the most demanding mountain biker’s heart will beat faster. The diversity of Luxembourg is not just reflected in its regions, but also in its cycling lanes, which are a unique way to explore the country. The quality of the offer is simply overwhelming. The Grand Duchy’s official cycling network stretches over more than 600 km with each and every path in an impeccable state and adequately signposted.

In the Ardennes, mountain bikers can choose between more than 16 designated tours ranging from 10 to 40 km. In terms of their topography and how difficult they are, the tours couldn’t be any more versatile. Some of them are the perfect challenge for experienced mountain bikers, whereas others are ideal for family outings with keen little mountain bikers.

The cycling paths of the area “red earth”, stretching along the former sites of the steel industry which extracted iron ore, may be less green, but are still unique in their own way. These days, plants hide the industrial scars of the site, overgrown grooves and dells stemming from collapsed galleries and underground storage; a landscape that was formerly part of the country’s metallurgical industry for more than a century. A charitable organisation has created a biker’s park at the former surface mining site of “Lalléngerbierg”. Those seeking a thrill can regularly sign up to a downhill taster course. The woods in “Ellergronn” and “Gaalgebierg” have countless routes leaving cyclists spoilt for choice.

The region of Mullerthal is certainly designed for mountain bikers and their needs. Dense woodlands, hilly terrain and bizarre rock formations are part of its unique backdrop. The tours vary in their difficulty, but everyone who’s keen on sports will see their wishes fulfilled.

The newest routes are located around the vineyards of the Mosel. The 5 diverse routes start in the villages of Dalheim, Greiveldingen, Grevenmacher, Manternach and Wormeldingen. On these 100 km, mountain bikers can take in the breathtaking landscape of the Mosel and its countless vines. Panoramic views with stunning sights down the valley and its winding border river, popular for water-ski and pleasure boats in summer, round off a great mountain bike tour.

No matter what region the mountain bikers are exploring, each starting point has signposts with detailed information on the chosen route. On the trail itself, more signposts guide the bikers and offer information on the villages they are about to cross, the local sights and the level of difficulty.

After all the physical effort, no mountain biker will go hungry. Most of the picturesque villages have cosy cafes and restaurants, which are the perfect place to indulge in the local food and have a little rest. But those who feel a bit tired after their meal and their adventurous biking tour will be relieved to know that every village is served by public transport. A quick bus ride gets everyone back to where the biking adventure tour started.

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