Luxury Caribbean cruises for a lifetime experience

Luxury Caribbean cruises are meant for fulfilling the dream of a fantastic holiday amidst the water, sand, and sun. Okay but also know the fact that such an itinerary might not be the boarding point for everyone as it is the cup of those who wish to be served as kings and that they also have that heavy balance to do so. So, if you are one of them who wish a royal treatment on one of the nature’s most elegant destinations, then get soaked truly; as it is just worthy! Any of the luxury Caribbean cruises will take away from you a sum falling between $400 to $900 and that too per day.


For those who can afford will seriously not mind paying this many because of the only term ‘Caribbean’. Yes, this only word draws a beautiful imagination of the fantastic Caribbean islands that are really alluring from all angles – naturally, historically, and culturally. Flanked by crystal waters, each sight here has its own unique style and features shimmering under the abundance of sunshine. Further, with varied tastes and sounds meaning cuisine and music, the happy locals here are very kind in welcoming tourists.

It is precisely due to the above stated factors that the luxury Caribbean cruises even though being expensive are popular. Do not be stunned if you see people coming to visit these islands looking for everything on offer not just because there are a plethora of islands here, but because each of them is diverse in their own right. A majority of these luxury Caribbean cruises will prefer taking you to the western or eastern regions, as both are full of things to do and sights to see. West is adorned with Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman, and the awesome Bahamas; while the east is formed by St. Lucia, British and American Virgin islands, Barbados, and Martinique. No matter where you go and which cruise you choose, each halt of the cruise brings to you something diverse that might be of the cuisine, culture, or music. This further includes not only soothing your eyes (seeing activities), but also refreshing your mind and body via swimming with dolphins, shopping in markets, ascending the cascades, and discovering the caves.


Among the islands, Jamaica is worldwide popular island of spices and is a perfect one for all those who love food. This is where cooking is done with zeal and love. The most preferred activity of all tourists is to just reside on any of its beaches under the sun and drink something fresh while watching the ongoing cozy life. Okay, if you are from the one who likes adventure, then Jamaica even has some things on that line to offer. Be at the Dunn’s river falls or solve the mystery at the former residence of Annie Palmer, the known white witch.

Coming to Martinique, it is a land of unity in diversity. The main attractions here are the Morne Rouge featuring the popular MacIntosh Plantation of anthurium, Fort-de-France for pedestrians, banana and pineapple plantations, cane fields, avocado groves and the legendary Schoelcher Library. The British Virgin Islands are also famous for its Virgin Gorda islet featuring Baths for which it is the most populated. These Baths is bizarre rock structure formed due to sea pools and giant granite boulders. They are actually the paradise of snorkelers – thanks to the blue waters and great marine beings. Listed below are few of the most famous luxury Caribbean cruises.

Celebrity Solstice - First Arrival Port Everglades 11/03/2008

Amazara Cruises : Started in 2007, this offers cruise that can hold 700 guests at a time taking one to the ports that were not possible by its parent company. Featuring cabins of balcony verandas and butler service, this is the choice of many visitors. Do visit

Crystal Cruises : This has been the best travel cruise from 1996 to 2008 as per Travel & Leisure Magazine. Offering two service class namely, suite and balcony, it offers a stylish cruise experience at much cost. Get to know more on

Cunard Cruises : These are largest in terms of size carrying over 3000 passengers on more than 10 spacious decks. More than 75% staterooms give you fantastic views, while some 90% come with balconies.

Oceania Cruises : Opened in early decade of the present, this offers fully rich as well as opulent ships taking in 700 passengers at once. More than 60% rooms are equipped with private terraces.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises : These are truly upscale style, but offer a cozier atmosphere for its 700 passengers. Visit for more information.

Seabourn : These are all-inclusive ultra-luxurious cruises taking in only 450 people at time making each one feel as if she or he is in a private charter. The rooms are suites here.

Windstar Cruises : These are unique with sloppy ships where the cabins offer good ocean views.