Holiday guide to Paros, Greece

Paros is situated in the centre of the Cyclades; it has 168km coastline, 25 km x 20km the island is located west of the Naxos Island, east of Antiparos and 91 n.m. SE from the port of Piraeus.

It is the third in size island of Cyclades and among the prettiest of them. It is a real island paradise filled with first-rate sandy beaches, bays, tiny churches, Byzantine monuments, photogenic whitewashed villages, cobblestone streets, sun-filled days, and vibrant nightlife adds to the charisma of this fun-loving island.

The island’s communications are fairly well developed offering to its inhabitants and its visitors all basic services: port, airport, marinas, civil services, banks, post offices, public transport and more.

The medical airplane of Paros, available for emergency, for any resident or visitor of our island, health care services include both a public and a private medical centre in Paroikia, an air-ambulance plane, as well as smaller health centres, private doctors and pharmacies in many villages, provide all of us with the feeling of safety. Visit us in April or May when the island is at its greenest and you will have a beach to yourself.

It’s a great place to consider for spring and autumn sun. Note that the hottest and busiest months are July and August, with temperatures in the mid-thirties, whilst earlier in the year during April, May and September temperatures are nudging the mid-twenties.

Festivals of Paros

What better way to experience the culture than the way we do. Traditional festivals on the islands throughout the year preserve local traditions. Many are religious based, others reminiscent of historical events and some for the sake of fish and fishermen.

Once a year every little church celebrates its name day (its patron saint). During these festivals the religious element coexists with the joy of life, since after the liturgy, merry-making, dancing and local delicacies follow. Don’t miss this opportunity to dance and celebrate along with the sounds of traditional music and songs.

Good Friday During the procession of the Epitaph the villagers revive scenes from the passion of Christ, in Marpissa & Marmara.

Easter Sunday Celebration of love, Marpissa.

April 23 Festival of Saint George, Aliki.

Festival of the Ascension of Christ 40 days after Easter, in Agios Fokas, Parikia and Piso Livadi.

June 23 Festival of Klidonas – burning of the dried flower wreaths made on May 1st, in Naoussa, Aliki and Prodromos.

June 30 Eve of Saint Anargiri, celebration in Parikia.

1st Sunday of July The Fishermen’s Festival, in Naoussa.

August 6 Feast of Saviour’s Metamorphosis, Aliki and Marpissa.

August 15 Festival of the Virgin Mary, in Parikia. Having the famous Ekatontapiliani Church dedicated to Mary, this is considered as the most important celebration on the island. Crowds gather from all over the country to attend the liturgies and to worship.

August 23 Nine days after the Virgin Mary Holiday, the streets of Naoussa are flooding with “pirates” in a revival of a Corsair attack night

. August 27 Saint Fanourios Holiday, celebrations in Ambelas.

August 28 & 29 Saint John Detis Holiday, Naoussa and Lefkes.

September 8 Holiday of Pera Panagia, Marmara.