Hammamet Beach

The Hammamet Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia, and is known as the St Tropez of Tunisia. The Hammamet beach is a major holiday tourist destination in the country, and is a favorite with discerning travelers all over the world, and is frequented by tourists and locals alike. There are a whole range of attractions here. The Hammamet beach resort is extremely beautiful. Pristine sands, crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees and all the works, the beach here is also home to some unique culture and other attractions unique to the country.

The medina here is the center of the town here. There are some cheap hotels at the northern and southern parts of the town, and these are mainly filled with cheap package tour operator clients. There are upscale hotels located at the yasmine Hammamet, which is located at a distance of six miles ( ten kilo meters ) to the south of this area.

The best beaches in Tunisia are said to be housed at the Gulf of Hammamet, and this region is extremely popular with a whole number of travelers. There are heavenly beaches located at both the north and south of the town, and these have some excellent resorts and hotels that sprung up with the advent of increasing tourist attraction. The location outside the Sebastion’s villa or the International Cultural Center, is particularly beautiful.

There are a plethora of activities on offer at the Hammamet beach, from water sports to sightseeing and beach exploring. There are a range of water sports available, from surfing, Jet skiing, water skiing, wind surfing and other activities. There is also open water diving courses offered by major hotels. There is a range of wilder and quieter beaches to be explored if you have your own means of transport.

Things to explore nearby

The medina, which is at the center of the town, is filled with charm. The medina is surrounded by thick walls. This location is a great afternoon stroll. There is a Kasbah here at one corner that dates back to the fifteenth century. There is a folklore museum at one end as well. The beautiful Sebastian Villa is now the International cultural Center, and has concerts and art exhibitions. There is a whole range of other attractions as well. There is also a pottery center at the Nabeul which is great to explore.

There are some beautiful wild beaches to be explored beyond the town, where the rustic hamlets are.