Facts and Travel Information on Orlando, Florida

At 345 feet above sea level, Florida has a sub-tropical climate during June, July and August which it is characterized by being warm and wet with an average temperature of 90ºF —32ºC— and 100% humidity. From December to March temperature descends to an average of 75ºF —25ºC. For vacation ideas visit Things to do in Orlando, Florida

In Florida it tends to rain almost every day. However, these downpours are short ones and the sun comes out quickly. It is during winter time when these downpours are less frequent. Hurricanes happen during the months of August to October and share the time with floods.

Florida offers beautiful beaches with tropical nature —classic palm trees— which will be a great rest place for those who want something more than just Disney’s parks. Besides, the swampy zone —which extends for 1000 square miles to the South of the Peninsula— has a great variety of local flora and fauna.

Orlando is located in the middle of Florida’s state, at 75 miles from the Northwest of Tampa. Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center are close landmarks and places to visit. For hotels and resorts we recommend luxury-resort-guide.com The city has two airports: Standford Orlando Airport and Orlando International Airport. Walt Disney World Complex is at 10 miles South East from the center, if you take route 4.