Copenhagen, Denmark – Best Places to Visit

Copenhagen is one of the major cities of Scandinavia, and is located on the eastern edge of Denmark. The city dates back to more than eight hundred years old. The city is a vital hub for culture, media, life science and business.

Amalienborg Palace is the official Royal residence presently. It consists of four rococo style buildings. The palace has a fine courtyard as well. The Changing of the Guards ceremony here is worth watching. The personal chambers of the Gluckborg Kings can also be seen.


Tivoli is a historic location. It is in fact one of the first amusement parks ever introduced in the world. The park has many modern rides, cafes, games, extensive lawns and quaint gardens. It is a great place to be in if you are fond of people watching, picnics and other fun activities.

Stroget is a popular location for shopping in the city. There are five large streets here, all of them filled with a huge number of shops, stalls, supermarkets and others. In addition, there are numerous restaurants, theaters, architectural buildings and other monuments. This is a fun place to shop, with a wide range and variety.
Also make sure you visit the scenic Nyhavn locality. This is a harbor front neighborhood that dates back to the seventeenth century. The dock here is well preserved. There are many scenic streets here lined with shops and trendy bars and restaurants.


A visit to Copenhagen would not be complete without going to see the ‘Little Mermaid’. This is a world famous sculpture of a mermaid sitting pensively on a rock sculpted in 1913 by Edward Eriksen. It is located on the Langelinie Wharf, and is considered to be a symbol of both the city and the country.

Copenhagen is known for its superb dining options. There are a great number of restaurants. The Noma restaurant is a very famous one and worth visiting.

Do not forget to visit the Latin Quarter, located at the north of Copenhagen. This is a pulsating district filled wit students. The neighborhood is filled with cafes, bookshops, jazz clubs, bars and more.