Exploring Budapest: Best 4 Ruin Pubs in Budapest

Exploring Budapest: Best 4 Ruin Pubs in Budapest

Do you know what is truly outstanding and popular about contemporary Budapest? It’s the ruin pubs. These ruin pubs are all the excitement in Budapest. They are drinking spots located in dilapidated buildings that existed before World War II – the old Budapest District VII neighborhood (the former Jewish Quarter). From the exterior, these bars appear like regular homes due to the absence of loud noise or a long queue of people trying to get in. But once you walk in, you’ll find yourself at the apogee of fun in a funky, artsy bar bustling with talking and dancing crowds indulging in the laid-back atmosphere. If you are a visitor in Budapest, you can learn more about the pub crawl Budapest.

Below are some of the best ruin pubs in Budapest.

#1 Szimpla Kert

There can’t be a mention of ruin pubs in Budapest without Szimpla Kert being mentioned. This was the first ruin bar opened in 2001, and it started the trend. Till date, it is one of the biggest and most famous ruin pubs. Though a former abandoned factory, you’ll enjoy a large courtyard and a top floor decorated with various furniture designs, cocktail bars, music, and a Trabant. All the rooms in Szimpla Kert are designed with different themes. Though the name translates into “simple garden”, the Szimpla Kert feels like a surreal souk. It is open from 12:00-4:00 on weekdays, 9:00-4:00 on Saturdays, and Sundays, it is open from 9:00-5:00.


#2 Instant

With over 20 rooms and an entire building and having a club-like feeling, Instant is the next best ruin pubs in Budapest. Here, you can relax in what looks like a former single apartment and lounge on what appears to be street furniture. Instant has enough space for the DJs, ensuring that dancers can have maximum fun. As it is “clubby” and well recognized, the drinks in Instant are a little bit more expensive than what obtains in other ruin pubs. But, Instant is worth the vibe!

Instant Budapest

#3 Mazel Tov

A floor made of white pebbles, a glass roof and matching furniture makes the Mazel Tov one of the most stylish and the brightest pub to drink and make merry in the Jewish Quarter. Moreover, the bartenders in this pub keep the palinka shots coming with over seventeen varieties in stock. The Mazel Tov is an excellent place to lounge, and when you get hungry, they offer mouth-watering falafel and chicken sewers.

Mazel Tov Budapest

#4 Anker’t

Anker’t is located on a charming backstreet a stone throw away from the unflinching Jewish Quarter and the magnificent Andrassy Avenue. Immediately you enter, you’ll recognize it for the ruin pub that it is with the scaffolding, crumbling appearance of a 200-year-old building. The center of the ample, open space is the courtyard which features four bars, an indoor hall, a dance arena, two food stalls, one for vegan pizzas and the other for slinging burgers. It is a gay-friendly pub with parties on Friday nights.

Anker’t Budapest