7 Most Famous Bridges You Can Found On Budapest

7 Most Famous Bridges You Can Found On Budapest

Budapest is a very popular destination for architecture enthusiasts and casual travelers alike. The astounding designs of classic buildings and infrastructures such as the Buda Castle make the trip memorable and provide Instagram-worthy photos. When it comes to style and aesthetics, local guides and experienced travelers usually point out to buildings like the St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Parliament. If there’s one thing that is often overlooked, that is the numerous historical bridges in Budapest.

Infrastructures in the city are often older than the visitor getting a glimpse of the creation. Most bridges are built before the 1900s and have been rebuilt a lot of times. Still, these structures display mesmerizing classic structure style and beauty. You might want to take a closer look at Budapest’s best bridges. Here are some famous bridges to start with.

7 Budapest Bridges to Visit in Your Next Tour

1.     Árpád Bridge

Árpád Bridge was opened in 1950 and connects Buda and Pest while crossing the Danube River. Started in 1939, the bridge was finished just after World War II due to wartime delays. Enjoy the view of the Danube while crossing the 2 KM bridge via street vehicles, or use the boats available and get a closer look under.

2.     Margaret Bridge

The Margaret Bridge is considered as the oldest bridge in Budapest. It was built between 1872 and 1876 by French Engineer Emile Gouin. In 1948, the bridge was rebuilt, and most of the materials are lifted from the river. Margaret Bridge leads to Grand Boulevard and the Germanus Gyula Park.

3.     Széchenyi Chain Bridge

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge links Buda and Pest, which are the western and eastern sides of the city. Commonly known as the “Chain Bridge,” the architecture knowledge poured on this infrastructure was unprecedented during its time. It is still one of the most popular bridges in the country and is essential to the city’s economy because of its usage.

budapest chain bridge

4.     Elisabeth Bridge

Opened in 1903, the Elisabeth Bridge is another connecting bridge for Buda and Pest. It also spans across the River Danube but is the narrowest bridge in the area. The bridge was named after Elisabeth of Bavaria, who is a very popular queen assassinated in 1898.

5.     Liberty Bridge

The Liberty Bridge connects two very popular public squares, the Gellert ter, and the Fovam ter. Its primary purpose is to provide convenient travel as a part of the Millennium World Exhibition. You can find artistic mythological sculptures. The bridge was rebuilt after World War II after receiving heavy damages.

Liberty Bridge Budapest

6.     Petőfi Bridge

Petőfi Bridge ends in Boraros ter and Goldmann Gyorgyter. This bridge is considered necessary for people who are going to Goldmann Gyorgy. It is considered as the heart of the university district in Budapest. It spans the Danube River for 514 meters.

7.     Rákóczi Bridge

Rákóczi is one of the more modern bridges in Budapest. The bridge opened in 1995 to connect Buda and Pest. Along with the usual vehicle lines, there are two tram lines in the middle of the bridge, which you can ride along when you cross the bridge at the right time.