5 Things to Include In Your Plan When Moving To Hanoi

5 Things to Include In Your Plan When Moving To Hanoi

Moving to Hanoi without proper preparation is not a great experience. Although some of the processes in getting accommodation are pretty simple, it can be very daunting for first-time movers. You can’t just arrive at the airport and hope that you will find a property to move into within an hour or two.

There are a lot of cheap and expensive options when it comes to accommodation in Hanoi. Do you want a spacious area for your family, a one-room flat which is comfortable and affordable? Make sure to prepare for your move with these tips.

1. Consider Getting an Agent If You’re Buying a Property

You can work with a lot of real estate agents in Hanoi. You can consider working with some agents to make sure that you’ll get the best options and the best convenience. Real estate agents are often happy to give you competitive pricing to meet the quota.

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Most agencies only offer 1% of the property cost as a commission for the agents. This means that you can cut the time and effort into finding the right listings. If you’re short of budget, it is okay if you do the scouting instead.

2. Know the Renting Rules in Hanoi

You can find offers for Hanoi Apartment for rent in a lot of listings. The price, area, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other amenities are usually present. What’s missing in the listing are renting rules. Apartment seekers are often surprised by the price needed to be paid to move in.

For starters, before renting any property, the renter must pay for 3-months’ worth of rent in advance. On top of this, renters are expected to pay a deposit worth a couple of months’ worth. You might need to prepare VND 46 Million or about $2,000 to move in (since the average rent price in Hanoi is $500).

3. Know Your Different Options

There are two popular options for long-term renters in Hanoi: renting a house and renting an apartment. Most ex-pats are offered housings near more expensive ex-pat communities. You can opt for a property near the locals and maybe get a “locals” price if you want to save money. Take note that monthly rents in Hanoi averages to $500 to $1,000.

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4. Don’t Forget To Inspect the Area

Before signing and paying anything, always insist on viewing the place and having an inspection. This is especially if you’re opting for units that are cheaper and in more local settings. Analyze the location and make sure that there are key establishments such as shops and hospitals around you.

5. Get a Work Permit or a Business Visa

You won’t be able to rent an apartment if you don’t have a work permit or a business visa. This is another reason why a lot of ex-pats consider teaching English in local schools. You can use a tourist visa for a while. But it’s better to get the Visa required to avoid any problems in the future.